Museum of Art in Houston: A Selfie Lover’s Paradise

Kirk Day
Kirk Day
Museum of Art in Houston

Welcome to the Museum of Art in Houston, where art and selfies collide in a mesmerizing and colorful fusion. In this article, we’ll take you on a tour of this dynamic museum, perfect for selfie enthusiasts and those who appreciate the creativity and aesthetics of modern art.

The Selfie Museum Experience

TFTI, or the Museum of Art, boasts a diverse collection of rooms designed to make your selfie game strong. From the thought-provoking Infinity Mirror Room to the playful Pillow Fight Room, each space is a canvas for self-expression. Capture the moment, and immerse yourself in a world of artful selfies.

Ranking Among Houston’s Best Photo Spots

The Museum of Art in Houston is not just an attraction; it’s an institution that defines Houston’s cultural landscape. It’s no wonder that it consistently ranks among the top places to take photos in the city. Share your unique experience with friends and followers, and watch your social media explode with likes and comments.


The Museum of Art in Houston is a playground for selfie enthusiasts, a canvas for creative self-expression, and a sanctuary for art lovers. Explore the museum’s 18+ rooms and immerse yourself in a world of interactive art, all while capturing stunning photos that tell your unique story.

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